Academy Baseball

Academy baseball players on field at Farnham Park

Academy Baseball is run by BaseballSoftballUK and supported by Major League Baseball.  Academy Baseball is meant to be used by British Baseball clubs as a resource where their youth players and coaches can develop their baseball skills during the winter, a time when many clubs are unable to offer regular practice sessions.

Academy Baseball provides an opportunity for young players to increase their knowledge and understanding of the game of baseball and offer them more chances to reach their full potential.  Academy Baseball is a programme where players who have the appropriate level of commitment are given an opportunity to practise and improve their baseball skills:

•  With players who have similar levels of commitment.

•  With quality coaches who follow a plan of continuous development.

•  In a programme which recognises each age group’s ability to learn different aspects of the game.

Academy Baseball is the premier winter baseball training programme available to all young athletes aged 9-25.  It is the only winter training programme in the UK supported by Major League Baseball.  Academy Baseball offers a player development pathway to the Major League Baseball European Academy, which is attended by MLB scouts. However, it is also open to all players aged 9 to 25 who wish to improve their baseball skills throughout the winter. Registered players are divided into groups that are in line with the competitive age groups of the Confederation of European Baseball (C.E.B.): Under-13, Under-16, Under-18 and Under-25.